5 Reasons Realtors Rock!

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Christopher Garza

Christopher Garza

Marketing and Mortgage Extraordinaire, Author of this blog and many others like it. Lover of real estate and helping to make dreams come true.

Have you ever asked yourself if it’s even necessary to hire a realtor when shopping for a home? Here are our top 5 reason why Realtors Rock and why you should totally hire one when you decide to make the leap into home ownership.

1. Their Network of Professionals
Most realtors know a whole lot of people. Why? Because it’s their business to know a lot of people, and many of the people they know are professionals that provide services you may need when you buy or sell a home. Professionals like home inspectors, Mortgage Lenders, real estate attorneys, interior designers and stagers etc. are all people with whom most realtors have frequent contact with and have in their network. Be sure to take advantage of the long reaching arms of the professional realtor. That network most assuredly will come in handy at some point.

2. Their Knowledge on the Neighborhood
Your local Realtor is well equipped and has intimate knowledge on the inner workings and details of every neighborhood. Successful agents typically are looking at dozens of houses in various neighborhoods throughout the community week in and week out. If you have your eyes on a specific area of town in a particular neighborhood, a good realtor will know how to navigate that neighborhood with his or her eyes closed and will be able to tell you whether or not properties in that area are within your price range. This can save you countless hours having to do all of the driving around and searching only to find out after the fact that the homes in the area are way outside of your range. Many realtors have access to or can also direct you to online resources where you can pull and view data on local demographics, crime rates, dining and shopping options in the proximity, as well as data on the schools in the area.

3. Their Expertise and Experience
Hiring the right person can save you not only a whole lot of time and energy, but it can also save you money and who doesn’t enjoy saving money? Having a professional realtor at your service means you don’t have to be the one who knows everything about real estate. Why? Well because you already have a pro on your team who does. Having a realtor means you won’t have to posses a professional understanding of real estate contracts, disclosures, reports and dozens of other technical forms and documents, some of which can be 14 pages long or more. A realtor can not only guide you through a contract, but also help produce a contract that gives you the best shot at success with a seller. A poorly written contract can mean the difference between an accepted offer and a rejected one. In addition, because experienced realtors deal with these contracts and documents regularly, they are very familiar with which conditions should be included and which can be safely removed in order to protect you the buyer.

4. Their Negotiation Prowess
Having a realtor on your team means you have a qualified representative advocating on your behalf and taking a close look at every angle of the deal from your perspective and in your best interest. Good realtors are excellent negotiation pros. This means you the buyer doesn’t have to approach every single seller of a property you are interested in with your poker face on. A skilled realtor can find out if a seller is willing to give credit for closing costs and can even find out exactly how much the seller has into the property. As an example, let’s say a seller happens to overprice a property you are interested in purchasing which you believe also happens to be in need of some minor cosmetic changes, an experienced realtor will have the ability to recognize this and be able to present your offer in the best possible light while conveying your concerns in a manner that doesn’t ruffle the feathers of the seller. The large majority if not all sellers are selling to make a profit, and they typically aren’t happy when being asked to acquiesce a drop in asking price by several thousand dollars or accepting certain contingencies you’ve made. Because realtors are not emotionally tied up or invested, they can separate themselves from that part of the transaction and stand their ground when in the middle of these types of negotiations far better and more effectively than the average homebuyer.

5. Property Search and Viewing
Realtors have access to what is called the MLS and can search a vast array of properties that fit the description of what you are looking for and can also weed out any unwanted properties at the push of a few buttons saving you tons of time and energy. Doing this on your own is virtually impossible and having a Realtor at your disposal who can access the MLS is a total game-changer.

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Bonus Reason #6! Hiring a Realtor is FREE!

Realtors are paid by the seller!  Hiring one is absolutely FREE! After reading our Top 5 Reasons Why Realtors Rock…why wouldn’t you want to take full advantage of the opportunity to have a Rockin Professional help you with your home search? So hop on your laptop, pull out your mobile device and find yourself a Rockin Realtor before you go searching for your new home.

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